Get to know Siyatusa Mamba, this week’s cool kid on campus.

Meet this week’s cool kid on campus – Siyatusa Mamba – an avid sneaker collector, fourth-year engineering student and the owner of DIP ST. Store in Braamfontein.

Mamba, who was born in Mpumalanga, moved to Johannesburg when he was 16, has always had an interest in engineering as well as a compulsion to own the world’s most exclusive sneakers. “I could not find a store in the city that stocked the limited footwear and apparel I craved; and I was tired of import costs so I decided to open a streetwear store of my own,” he says.

Mamba opened DIP ST. in 2014. It now holds key accounts with brands such as Nike, Adidas and Vans; cementing its status as a go-to for those in the streetwear scene. He admits that juggling his studies in engineering and owning a shop has been trying. He had to put his studies on hold for two years, but is due to complete his degree this year. His end goal is to build racing cars.


Siyatusa Mamba, owner of DIP St. Store.                            Photo: Nadia Omar


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