Wits hosts a memorial service for the lives lost in Limpopo crash.

Wits has spent the past week mourning the death of seven students killed in a car accident while returning from a religious gathering in Limpopo. The university held a commemoration service in their honour on Tuesday night.


Students united in singing songs of mourning.                                                 Photo: Nadia Omar


Those gathered listen to tributes from those who knew the students.      Photo: Nadia Omar


Students lit candles to commemorate the lives lost.                                        Photo: Nadia Omar


A mourning crowd gathered outside the Great Hall.                                        Photo: Nadia Omar


A moment of remembrance before the candles were blown out.                 Photo: Nadia Omar


A moment of silence is taken to remember the Limpopo Seven.                 Photo: Nadia Omar


A card reads “In solidarity with our brothers & sisters. Remember 1 May 2016”, placed in front of the Great Hall.                                                                                               Photo: Nadia Omar





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